Cloud Migration Services

World renowned design and expert level database consulting.

We are adept at moving applications that are on premise to AWS and Azure cloud platforms. This includes both forklift type of migrations and complete redeployments to fit into modern OS release levels and DB levels. Our recent successes have including moving on premise medical applications by Nextech to an Microsoft Azure platform. This reduced the total cost of ownership to be 95% cheaper than the on premise based solution. Not even Nextech themselves know how to do this (we will be teaching them how it is done soon). We also take your on premise based SQL Server and port it to SQL Azure for you so you can benefit from the lower costs and cloud capabilities that Microsoft offers on this growing cloud PaaS capability. We have do full hybrid options that span both your on premise environments AND cloud environments at the same time. Great for HA, Disaster Recovery, stretch DB, and off loading reporting to the cloud.

We have a network of highly skilled consultants both in the USA and Europe for you to draw on.

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