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Our expertise is focused on all things DATA, SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. Our global team has some of the world’s top database experts with Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Postgres, Hadoop, and numerous others. We also have gained a massive amount of experience in Big Data, Migrating DB’s and entire application suites to the Cloud (lonto AWS and Azure), SaaS solutions such as SalesForce, data integration services using Enterprise Service Bus technologies such as Mulesoft (and REST API’s), and continually push our teams into the latest technology innovations. We have also developed several outstanding Database, Master Data Management, Big Data, and SQL courses that bring together live customer implementations and industry best practices.

Our technical teams combine a deep understanding of current and emerging technology issues with a proven track record of cost effective and on-time delivery while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Data by Design teams continually demonstrate their ability to deliver results to customers in the following areas:
  •  High Availability/Continuous Operation
  •  Performance & Tuning
  •  Data Architectures/Database Design
  •  DB Migration/Transition to the Cloud (AWS/Azure)
  •  Distributed Data and Data Replication
  •  Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing
  •  Application migration to the Cloud (AWS/Azure)
  •  Data Integration/Enterprise Application Integration
  •  Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  •  Database Security and Cryptography
  •  Data Services/Business Services – SOA/REST API’s/WS’s
  •  Data Analysis/Data Modeling
  •  Enterprise Architecture (all disciplines)
  •  Master Data Management – Data Quality as a Service
  •  SalesForce Architecture/Configuration/Data
  •  Big Data (all pipeline phases, most tools, containers)
Education and Training
  • DataBase design
  • High Availability
  • MDM
  • Data Replication
  • OLAP
  • Performance and Tuning
  • Data Modeling
  • Big Data/Hadoop
Our extremely strong, data savvy consultants are also acclaimed database, high availability, security, and SQL authors of bestselling books such as “SQL Server Unleashed”, “Sybase SQL Server Unleashed”, “SQL Server High Availability”, “Cryptography in the Database”, and “ADO.Net in 24 Hours”.

Frequent Speakers at Events – Our consultants frequently appear at major database related and application events around the world such as SQL Server User Groups, MDM Summit, Informatica World Conference, DAMA, DAUG, SQL Saturday’s, Microsoft TechEd, Microsoft PASS, Oracle World, MIT CDO Symposium,  and many others. We believe in getting the word out of how to build successful database and application solutions and thrive on sharing these techniques with the world.

High Availability & Continuous Operation – Data by Design is rapidly expanding their high availability practice by offering short (often free) high availability assessment projects and full high availability implementation projects to move your critical operations to new levels of continuous operation. Five-9’s (99.999%) are frequently obtained in different configurations. Our expertise allows us to build very efficient High Availability architecture using technologies such as Clustering, Virtual SQL Servers, AlwaysOn Availability Groups, Data Replication, and other techniques that best match your needs.

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Data By Design

In their 24th year of elite database design and technology consulting globally with offices in the USA and Europe.

Data Architecture & Database Design

Our core skill set centers around data architecture and database design. This has included designing and delivering world-class database solutions for numerous fortune 1000 companies around the world. This includes Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Hadoop and others and deployed everything from OLTP databases to Decision support systems (Data warehouse, Business Intelligence, OLAP cube technologies). This very often includes using advanced techniques such as data replication, clustering and database mirroring.
Current & past customers –
Intel Corporation, Cisco Systems, Charles Schwab, Aplia, Pearson, Veritas, Wells Fargo, Apple Computers, Advanced Micro Devices, Chevron, Federal Express, Merrill Lynch, Symantec, Pacific Gas & Electricity, Sony, Toshiba, and many others.

Key partners-
Master Data Management
Profisee http://www.profisee.com
Application Development – DesignMind http://www.designmind.com
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Preformance & Tuning

We have some of the industry’s leading experts in database performance and tuning and performance engineering. This covers Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase SQL Server, Oracle and DB2. As part of any P&T engagement, we follow a detailed performance and tuning methodology that has been developed over many years with pre-defined deliverables that will maximize the end result for the customer. Typical results range from 100% to 750% improvements in database throughputs and massive improvement in application response times. All of our P&T experts are certified in one or more database platforms.


Performance & Tuning Tools –
We have also developed our own set of graphical performance and tuning tools for Sybase, Oracle and now Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Shot is enormously helpful in isolating and resolving even the most difficult performance and blocking/locking issues.

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Database Security & Encryption

Data by Design also offers a wide variety of services in the information security space. Our analysis generally starts with the information you want to secure, and then we work outward examining security and controls at each level of your infrastructure. We pride ourselves on a practical, results-oriented approach to threats and risks.

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Plugging data quality as a service (DQAS) into Big Data

We have recently been delivering a radical extension to enterprise and big data systems that “plug” data quality and master data management capabilities into high volume and massive systems. This includes a brilliant new architecture approach that yields remarkable data quality gains for both traditional enterprise systems and big data systems alike. We offer a 2-day free assessment around DQAS that identifies most opportunities for raising the data quality of your data lakes and very large databases.  learn more