Design Services

World renowned design and expert level database consulting.

It’s all in our name – Data by “DESIGN”.

We don’t just throw things up on the wall and see what sticks. Data by design has developed a rapid (iterative) design methodology for data, high availability, performance & tuning, and application systems design. Tailored over the years to fit most application and data needs for both small and large organizations. Our design methodology includes understanding what you need and how it is to be used. Not only for the “now”, but also for the “future”. This has also allowed us to deliver robust data architectures for global organizations such as Intel, Cisco, Symantec, and many others. Both with tactical value and huge strategic value for years into the future. We cover all data processing concepts (transactional, data warehousing/BI, Big Data, data mining, OLAP, Star-schema, No-SQL, and more), integration services. Enterprise Architecture services, security architecture services, and application architecture services.

We have a network of highly skilled consultants both in the USA and Europe for you to draw on.

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