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Migrate SQL Server and Nextech Application to Azure

(May 2018)

This quick and dirty project involved migrating an on-premise SQL Server application from Nextech to the Azure cloud. This meant forklifting the database (SQL Server) and all related databases to a complete deployment in Azure (platform as a service). It also meant pushing the application components to Azure and configuring each work station to be running from the cloud platform. Existing on-premise server was retired (and hardware recycled). Total project time was 6 days. Wow, that was quick and dirty.



SalesForce Sales Cloud lead and deployment

(March 2018)

This project was a rapid requirements gathering for a companies CRM needs, full data modeling of what they need to touch (data), and full configuration, and deployment on the SalesForce Sales Cloud SaaS platform. This project was a soup to nuts deployment, data migration from legacy CRM systems, and UAT, and training for the sales team all in under 8 weeks. It can really go this fast if you have the experience with the underlying business requirements, the data, and know the target platform well (SFDC in this case).



Designed data integration platform and Rest API service deployments

(Sept 2017)

This project included evaluation and selection of an Enterprise Service Bus solution for real time data integration between numerous endpoints (such as Salesforce, Amazon, and On Premise). Winner was Mulesoft’s ESB and then we proceeded with the modeling of the services API’s using RAML and then driving them down to Rest API deployments on Mule from each of the platforms mentioned above. Resulting in a real time Rest API’s that are used by Apex Classes in Salesforce for every update, change, and delete to the core critical data and then shared to the legacy systems via a trigger invocation from salesforce. Data is now distributed in less than 2 seconds to all platform. Major success for this customer.



High Availability solution and deployment

(March 2017)

This project is in it’s production support phase now (where the customer kept us on for second tier production support). However, originally we were brought in to help define what was the right High Availability approach for their Siebel SQL Server based platforms and their reporting platforms. DXD took them through our formal HA methodology which yielded the right approach for all of their platforms. We built a zero downtime, zero data loss HA solution using Microsoft’s AlwaysOn and Availability Groups with a synchronous secondary replica and two asynchronous secondary replica’s for reporting and Disaster Recovery purposes. Since this deployment, there has been ZERO downtime for this global corporation. Mission accomplished.



Data Delivery Platform

(Jan 2017)

This was a super fun project where we needed to create a data delivery platform that was a collection of data from both internal data sources and external data sources. It was meant to be a real time data warehouse and BI data source, a place to apply master data management to (to raise the data quality), and to allow for previously unjoined data to be brought together to meet critical business needs. Project consisted of an iterative (agile) requirements process yielding clear data requirements, data models, and early db designs. Deployment used an abstraction method that allows facts and dimensions to be metadata driven and never have to change the table definitions – all metadata driven – wow!. Integration of data via ESB’s, ETL and other methods. And, layer in an MDM solution for core data that needs to be managed (customer data, product data, so on). Deployed on Microsoft SQL Server platform, Mulesoft ESB, and SSIS ETL.