Consulting Services

World renowned design and expert level database consulting.

Data by Design consulting starts with data but doesn’t end there.
Data is the core of your organization and Data by Design brings the top data experts in the world to design and deploy almost any type of data store for you (data warehouses/BI, OLAP, Big Data/Hadoop, No-SQL DB’s, all relational DB’s, XML, and many more).

Using a formal design methodology, Data by Design starts from conceptual data models and drives a solution to physical implementations. Data architected to fit into even your most complex environments.

As we evolved, we also grew into other areas such as applications, integrations, security, and infrastructure services. This includes leading and deploying complex SaaS applications like SalesForce, Siebel, Financial systems, and Transportation systems. From on premise solutions, to 100% cloud based solutions and everything in between (hybrid). We also are the world’s experts on Highly Available data systems and Disaster Recovery and Paul Bertucci has authored two globally popular books on HA. A recent customer deployment was using data services (API’s) that integration legacy data platforms with SalesForce using Mulesoft ESB technology.

We also are often asked to provide Enterprise Architecture consulting because of or past experience and skills in that role for fortune 500 organizations such as Symantec and Autodesk.


Listed below are some of our assessment services pamphlets:

(Available in both English-EN and French-FR)

DXD MDM Assessment EN

DXD P&T Assessment EN

DXD Services EN

DXD HA Assessment EN

DXD PASS Summit 2018 EN


DXD MDM Assessment FR

DXD P&T Assessment FR

DXD Services FR

DXD HA Assessment FR